Twyla Adams-Craig

Twyla Adams-Craig started her career with the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Merchandise team in the early ’90s. After establishing a solid foundation in product development, she joined Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company as the Decorative Gifts and Hardlines Buyer. At Barnie’s, Twyla was responsible for developing products for over 100 locations, as well as the mail order catalog and website. In addition, she collaborated with her partners to create all the catalog production during her tenure. Following Barnie’s, she joined the Anheiser-Busch Corporation Parks Division and became the Hardlines Buyer for Sea World Orlando, responsible gifts, toys, souvenir, and packaged foods. Twyla also created the opening assortment for Discovery Cove. After Sea World, Twyla joined the Hard Rock Cafe International team and became a Corporate Merchandise Buyer responsible for all products at In addition to her buying responsibilities, she was also in charge of the web team consisting of web designers, copywriters, and graphic artists. ┬áIn 2001, she started a consulting successful consulting company with a Business Partner that included clients such as Walt Disney World, Hard Rock Cafe, Harley Davidson, Beaches Family Resorts to name a few. In 2010 she became the Director of Merchandise for Wildlife Trading company an outsource retail company. This opportunity enabled her to further her knowledge base on out-source retail strategies and operations. This position managed a team of Buyers and Planners for over 20 locations in the Zoo, Aquarium and resorts domestically and internationally.

Dina Salmon
Dina started her merchandise journey in the stores at Walt Disney World, after finishing high school she was one of the first employees hired for the merchandise team at Universal Studios Florida. Climbing the ladder at Universal she landed the position as assistant buyer for Souvenirs and headwear. She learned the ropes and was given her own categories while responsible for reordering the souvenirs and headwear for the central warehouse at the park. Dina then moved on to be the Buyer/Manager for Gatorland in 1995, bringing the merchandise product up to theme park standards and a remodel of the iconic theme park store, winning the best attraction store in Orlando-by-Orlando Weekly Magazine. After 5 years of buying gator products she took her operational talents to SeaWorld Orlando where she was store manager and buyer for Christmas and Discovery Cove for over 11 years. In 2011 Dina became the Regional Manager for Wildlife Trading Company for the US east coast and Canada. Implementing both training and procedure process to the operations team however when the opportunity to become a buyer for the company was offered to her she jumped at the opportunity. Dina was responsible for double digit increases for the categories of Souvenirs, Jewelry, Gift, State made and Fair trade for 21 locations throughout the US and in Canada.